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Duolingo Welsh Guidebook

Unit 1: Greet people, introduce yourself

Unit 2: Use the present tense, talk about activities

Unit 3: Refer to days, use the present tense

Unit 4: Express what you want, describe things

Unit 5: Talk about work, discuss clothes

Unit 6: Learn country names, describe a trip

Unit 7: Discuss where you went, say what you did

Unit 8: Describe past events, use numbers

Unit 9: Describe the weather, refer to months

Unit 10: Talk about the past, express hunger

Unit 11: Identify animals, learn place names

Unit 12: Compare dialects, make requests

Unit 13: Say what you have done, tell time

Unit 14: Say what you own, describe possessions

Unit 15: Learn city names, discuss travel

Unit 16: Say how you arrived, describe a past meal

Unit 17: Talk about family, say why you returned

Unit 18: Describe what you got, discuss family


Describe what you got

Beth gaeth hi? What did she get?
Cafodd Megan bastai i ginio. Megan had a pie for dinner.
Cawson ni degell newydd ddoe. We got a new kettle yesterday.
Chaethon ni ddim pryd o fwyd o gwbl. We did not get a meal at all.
Chaeth Dylan ddim tegell o gwbl. Dylan did not get a kettle at all.

Discuss family

Ble mae wyres Dylan? Where is Dylan's granddaughter?
Does dim wyres gyda hi. She does not have a granddaughter.
Wyt ti'n nabod brawd Owen? Do you know Owen's brother?
Mae priodferch Alys yn brydferth. Alys's bride is beautiful.
Llysfam Megan yw Alys. Alys is Megan's stepmother.
Ble mae chwaer yng nghyfraith Dewi'n byw? Where does Dewi's sister-in-law live?