Interactive Stories/Jinni and the wallet

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[Jinni finds a wallet on the street. The wallet contains an old photo, a paper with a name, an address and a phone number, some documents and *a lot* of money]

  • take the wallet home, undecided
    • tell her mother w hat happened; [the mother asks for the wallet and will take it to the police]
      • give it to the mother; [the mother is tempted to keep the money]
        • keep the money, give the rest to the police; [one day later, the police comes asking for the money; it turns out, it was stolen, and the person in the documents was identified as the main suspect]
          • say no money was found [police goes away; at night someone tries to break into the house]
            • call the police for help [the police ask lots of questions, they know something is wrong]
          • admit taking the money, give it to the police
        • not keep the money, take everything to the police
      • give it to the mother, keeping some of the money
      • refuse and try to find the owner
    • tell her brother what happened
    • tell her grandfather what happened
    • call her best friend and tell her what happened
  • take the money and throw the wallet away
  • give the wallet to a police officer
  • try to find the address
  • dial the phone number

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