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🇻🇦 Latina 🇻🇦

Duolingo Latin Guidebook

Unit 1: Use basic phrases, greet people


Use basic phrases

Sum femina. I am a woman.
Vir sum. I am a man.
Puella sum. I am a girl.
Ego sum puer. I am a boy.

Unit 2: Say where people live, form the plural


Say where people live

Ubi habitat Marcus? Where does Marcus live?
Marcus habitat in America. Marcus lives in America.
Puella Novi Eboraci habitat. The girl lives in New York.
Iuvenis Romae habitat. The young man lives in Rome.

Unit 3: Discuss school, describe your parents


Discuss school

Quis est magister? Who is the teacher?
Discipulus bene scribit. The student writes well.
Linguam Latinam disco. I learn Latin.
Livia librum legit. Livia reads a book.
Ego litteris studeo. I study literature.

Unit 4: Form direct objects, discuss travel


Form direct objects

Velisne panem? Would you like bread?
Vinum et panem velim. I would like wine and bread.
Panem habes. You have bread.
Velisne olivas? Would you like olives?
Olivas habeo. I have olives.

Unit 5: Use plural verbs, talk about work


Use plural verbs

In Italia habitatis. You live in Italy.
Nos in urbe studemus. We study in the city.
Novi Eboraci et Romae habitamus. We live in New York and Rome.
Ubi estis? Where are you?
Romae sumus. We are in Rome.

Unit 6: Describe routines, describe emotions


Describe routines

Tabernam visitamus. We visit the shop.
Paedagogus epistulas multas legit. The tutor reads many letters.
Pictores picturas pulchras pingunt. The painters paint pretty pictures.
Puellas visitamus. We visit the girls.

Unit 7: Talk about food, tell time


Talk about food

Olivae pingues sunt. The olives are fat.
Tu garum gustas. You taste the fish sauce.
Coquus piscem gustat. The cook tastes the fish.
Caro est salsa. The meat is salty.

Unit 8: Use adverbs, describe your home


Use adverbs

Bene loquor. I speak well.
Male loquitur. He speaks badly.
Tacite legere volumus. We want to read quietly.
Livia semper irata est. Livia is always angry.

Unit 9: Discuss Roman gods, form indirect objects


Discuss roman gods

Neptunus undas regit. Neptunus rules the waves.
Minerva bellum gerit. Minerva wages war.
Mars scutum habet. Mars has a shield.
Mars et Minerva milites servant. Mars and Minerva save soldiers.

Unit 10: Talk about activities, discuss hobbies


Talk about activities

Ego labrum impleo. I fill the tub.
In aqua psittacum lavatis. You wash the parrot in water.
Architectus balneum construit. The architect builds the bathhouse.
Sacerdotem pecuniosum visitamus. We visit the rich priest.